I'm Ed McIntyre

At the Divorce Mediation Center of San Diego,

I will be your guide through the process of mediating your divorce. I am also trained in the Collabrative Divorce Process and I am a Trained Collabrative Coach and Child

Specialist. I only mediate, rarely do we litigate; and then

only collabrating so my focus is always constructive and positive. I've found that with my approach, listening and

gentle guidance, and creative reframing; my clients

awaken to empower themselves to create a positive

future regardless of how hard things have been.


Give me a call today at   619-255-1025 

Let's get started!

Collabrative Divorces
Collabrative Wills,
Trusts, & Estates while alive & post mortem
Prenuptial Mediation
Prenuptial Agreements
Parenting Plans
Post Divorce Modifications
Marital Mediations
Child Support Mediation

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