The Process


I personally will walk you both through a fair and equitable divorce. You will not be passed off to someone else’s care.  I have no hidden fees, and no surprises. For complex cases my in house Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Paralegal is also here to help.  I will facilitate a high road/ big picture approach. Your best interests and those of your children, when applicable are my main concern. I will save you thousands of dollars in litigation fees. I will keep you out of court and away from Judges orders, and being at the mercy of someone else’s decisions.  Instead of blind justice, the two of you will receive justice with your eyes wide open.


I personally take responsibility and accountability for the whole process. We can often wrap up the whole process in a few weeks time, saving an average of 2 years of litigation.  In litigation your hearing and records of that hearing are open to the public. Divorce Mediation of San Diego will keep your financial information, discussions and decisions confidential. 

Custody of children is almost always figured out in the first session making the process smooth sailing from there.  You don’t need to make your in-laws outlaws.  Families are our main concern. You can part as friends and peaceful effective Co-Parents.  Keep life simple. No wonder a majority of my clients agree “That was Easy”!


There is also an optional service dog, “Mr. Blue” on duty for comfort and reassurance, upon request. 

(often as little as $1,665.00 total)

Divorce Mediation Center of San Diego


Often under $2000.00. Includes filing fee.

Often as little as 3 sessions.

Can be done in as little as 1 month

Most Comply with agreement

All Confidential

Gain life skills

Keep in-laws and friends

Best interest of the Children

Learn to be in a state ofjoyful bliss.


Costly, average $20,000.00 each.

Can take 2 years of energy, heartbreak.

Only 40% voluntarily comply with child support,payments & court orders.

Open to public. No Privacy.

Average dominate emotion is anger for

10 plus years.

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$100 OFF
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